Missoula will get a new through street in the coming months after a city council decision provided funding for the plan on Monday.

"The action that city council took last night was to declare the reconstruction of the railroad trestle at Craig Lane as an urban renewal project," explains Missoula Redevelopment Agency Director Ellen Buchanan."What this does is it paves the way for us to connect Wyoming street from Russel to Orange, it's that segment between California street and the railroad that's missing through the old sawmill district. This will give the city access to the baseball stadium, to Silver Park and the Boat ramp. It will also give us an east-west connector street to help take some of the pressure off of Third Street and Broadway."

Interview with Ellen Buchanan:

According to Buchanan, construction on the Trestle will begin immediately and bidding on the road construction should begin in February. Actual road construction is expected to begin by the first of March