For most Montanans, yesterday was Tax Day, but the people at the Montana Department of Revenue prefer to refer to April 18 as “Quality of Life Day.” According to Montana Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Mary Anne Dunwell, a lot of Montanans waited to the very last minute to file.

"In general, on the last day every year we get anywhere between 20,000 and 24,000 tax returns filed on the very last day," said Dunwell. "There are about 5,000 filed on an ordinary day during tax season so that really quadruples on the last day."

Early Monday, Dunwell said that the Department of Revenue was still short about 70,000 expected tax returns.

"Right now the numbers we have processed is 423,493 individual income tax returns for this tax year," Dunwell said. "In general, we process about half a million."

A good chunk of those 70,000 missing tax returns will file extensions and will still file… just a bit later than everyone else. Dunwell says about two percent of Montana wage earners will be delinquent on their taxes.