The National Republican Congressional Committee has elevated all four Montana GOP congressional candidates to "On the Radar' status in the organization's "Young Guns" program.

Spokesman Tyler Holton said the Young Guns program was partially the brainchild of one-time Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

"The Young Guns program was initiated back in the 2007-2008 election cycle by now Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, and, of course budget chairman and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan," Holton said. "Really, the program is to support and mentor both challenger and open seat candidates in races across the country."

Holton said all four candidates, Ryan Zinke, Elsie Arntzen, Corey Stapelton and Matt Rosendale embody the qualities the Republican Party favor. They all oppose Obamacare, and favor limited government and reduced regulation to promote business and job creation. Holton did not include Drew Turiano in his list of "Young Guns".

Holton said, unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Congressional Committee does not take sides in promoting one congressional candidate over another in the primary. He said each candidate has what it takes to defeat John Lewis, the leading Democratic candidate.

"Once the Republican candidate is chosen, they'll probably running against John Lewis," Holton said. "Lewis supports Obamacare, was an aid to Max Baucus who helped to author the bill, and also will follow the same failed agenda that President Obama has done here in Washington. Ultimately, I think the voters will choose the Republican candidate in November."

In the race for the U.S. Senate, the Democratic National Committee clearly endorsed John Walsh over John Bohlinger, who ran as a Republican when Brian Schweitzer won his two terms and governor. Walsh was also selected by Democratic Governor Steve Bullock to replace Max Baucus in the Senate, after Baucus accepted the position as ambassador to China.

National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesman Tyler Holton