A national advocacy group has convinced WalMart to remove sexually explicit material from their stores and from WalMart dot com.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation wrote to the CEO of WalMart to express concern that the stores were selling photo books that depict nude children and other exploitative materials.

Communications Director Haley Halvorsen said that the group was alarmed that the family-friendly stores would sell such merchandise.

“They sell exploitative magazines like Cosmopolitan, as well as some books that actually give instructions on how to sex traffic women,” Halvorsen said. “We immediately took action and started an online petition campaign that went viral and got thousands of signatures within the first 24 hours. WalMart dot com has now removed the photography books with the eroticized images of children, and this is a major victory.”

Halvorsen hopes that WalMart will also take steps to remove Cosmopolitan magazine from its stores, as well.

“Cosmopolitan is actually very harmful to minors,” she said. “They have very explicit instructions on how to perform various sex acts. It’s targeted towards young women, sometimes with Disney stars on the cover, and it should not be in the checkout lines of a family-friendly superstore.”

Halvorsen said WalMart officials pledged to keep the magazines covered, but have not lived up to that promise, so they’re asking that the magazines be removed from the stores altogether. In fact, Cosmopolitan is on the organization’s 2016 ‘Dirty Dozen List.’