Starting next Monday, Missoula's Mountain Water Company will begin replacing a major water main in the heart of town. Project manager Logan McInnis said the work will stall traffic to businesses, like Big Dipper Ice Cream, which are in the area.

"Our next big project for the summer is going to be on south 5th Street between Orange Street and Higgins Avenue," McInnis said. "For the most part, we will be shutting down the block that we are working in. Starting June 30, or within the next day or so, they'll shut down the two blocks from Orange Street to the east. So yes, traffic will be shut down on those streets."

After Mountain Water Co. is done, the city will go to work at repairing the street. More details for those who live in the area will be available at a public meeting Thursday.

"We'll be done by August 15 and after that, the city paving crew will come in and they're going to do a full width overlay of the street," McInnis said. "We do have a public meeting on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the Missoula Senior Center so if folks want more information, they can show up there."

The water main being replaced is nearly 100 years old.