Traffic was a little backed up Monday morning on Orange Street as firefighters were called out to a five car pile up. Missoula City Firefighter Brent Meyers was one of the first responders.

"We responded to a call of a five vehicle accident on the intersection of sixth street and orange," Meyers said. "On arrival we found five vehicles with pretty significant  front end and side impact damage. One driver had ran the intersection on 6th street colliding with two vehicles that pushed them into oncoming traffic. There was pretty significant damage to all of the vehicles."

Although there were no serious injuries, an ambulance on site was put to use.

"We had one female with two small small children that were transported via ambulance services  with small issues," Meyers said. "Just with her two children being underage she wanted to make sure they had the best care. As far as the other parties involved they all declined treatment. It was just basically a lot of superficial stuff like sore neck and stuff like

The pile up took roughly an hour to get all cleaned up and much longer for police to investigate the causes of the crash.