A shooting on Capitol Hill today triggered emergency precaution measures at around 3:15 P.M. At the time of the shooting, Congressman Ryan Zinke’s Spokeswoman Heather Swift was in her apartment, a few blocks away from the violence.

“There’s a report of a shooter in the capital visitor center and so all of the staff on the hill received an email alerting us to an active shooter situation and we were told to stay in our offices,” said Swift on a live call to KGVO. “Our office is in the Cannon House building which is directly across the street from the capital visitor center.”

Swift says she heard the sirens and received the following email warning the staff on Capitol Hill that the buildings were on lockdown:
From: House Alert 1
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2016 3:14 PM
Subject: Lockdown - Due to shots fired-Update

U.S. Capitol Police are continuing to lock down the entire Capitol Hill Complex due to shots fired.
• No one will be allowed to enter or exit any building.
• You may move about within the buildings and underground between buildings.
• If you are outside, seek cover.

The shooting took place during District Work Week, so Zinke and other Representatives were back in their districts and not near the Capitol Building during the shooting. Swift said that staff had practiced a lock down drill for an active shooter situation earlier that morning.

According to Swift, local reports indicate that a policeman was shot, but not critically wounded, and the shooter is in custody.