In the run up to this week’s republican primary debate on the Fox Business Channel, Montana Senator Steve Daines joined host Stuart Varey on Varney & Co and announced an early endorsement.

"I think Marco Rubio is a next-generation conservative, he is a leader who will help unify as well as inspire our country," Daines said.

Daines was on Varney & Co for about three minutes while the two discussed the advertising tactics of Rubio and his competitors.

"He unites people, he inspires people, verses the attacks and tear downs of others. I'm just concerned right now, what's going on with these attack ads against Marco, they are really doing the work of Hillary Clinton. It's time for us to come together here. Let's get Rubio nominated, because as Kirsten Powers said in your earlier spot, 'Marco Rubio is the candidate that Hilary Clinton fears the most'."

Florida Senator Marco Rubio sits just four seats away from Daines during meetings in the U.S. Senate, however, things may be awkward in the near future between Daines and the Senator who sits to his immediate left, which just happens to be Texas Senator and republican presidential primary candidate Ted Cruz.