Last Wednesday, Montana State Auditor Monica Lindeen confirmed that she was considering running for a new statewide office, this time to be Secretary of State. Current Secretary of State Linda McCulloch says she has no plans to run again.

"After 22 years of being elected, I'm not going to run for anything... I don't have anything left to run for," McCulloch said.

When asked if she would consider moving over to take over for Lindeen as State Auditor, McCulloch said the short answer was “No.”

"When I taught for 20 years, I served on the insurance comittee for most of that, and I swore that I would never have anything to do with insurance after that," McCulloch said.

McCulloch has already changed statewide offices one, when she left the Superintendent of Public Instruction position back in 2009. McCulloch will be termed out in 2016.