The Montana Department of Revenue is asking for nonprofits to submit a new application for tax exempt status on property taxes. The new submission requirement was passed during the last legislative session and will effect all non-profits who have applications older than 2014; which amounts to nearly 10,000 non-profits statewide. MTDOR spokeswoman Linda Sather says most non-profits will retain their tax exempt status.

"For the most part, they should still be exempt, but they do need to meet current law," Sather said. "Several of the organizations have been exempt for many years, probably since the beginning of statehood. We just want our news to be accurate and all of the organizations to meet current law."

One of the biggest changes is a 2005 law that will effect private schools and colleges.

"Before the educational exemption covered many things, but under current law the educational exemption is that private school and private college need to have an attendance policy and a curriculum with systematic instruction and acreage is restricted to 80 acres," Sanders said.

The new applications are due before March 1, 2016 and require either a 25 dollar or 15 dollar application fee, depending on whether there are structures on the property.