The Montana Highway Patrol is looking to hire 10 troopers for their April 2017 Academy. Lieutenant Lawrence Irwin explains what type of people they are hoping to add to their team.

“We are always looking for people that have a high level of personal honor and integrity,” said Irwin. “If we have applicants that meet those kind of general criteria we will train everything else. We will train all of our troopers on how we do the job, how to investigate the crashes, how to complete interviews, how to shoot, how to drive, and how to do all the weaponless defensive tactics.”

According to Irwin, applicants will receive an hourly wage during training and that wage will increase if they are sworn in.

“In April 2017, when the academy starts, they will be making $18.23 per hour,” Irwin said. “We provide the uniforms and equipment necessary to do the job. Upon completion of their training, if they are sworn in and continue on wither their career; they will be given $22.79 an hour.”

Those who are interested in applying for the open positions can do so online at the Montana Highway Patrol website. Irwin said that there is no certainty just yet where the 10 positions will be located.