If you've got some room and a green thumb, Patricia McGlynn would like your help. A recent USDA grant provided  McGlynn and her team from the MSU Flathead agriculture extension nearly $30,000.00 to research new varieties of grapes in Montana. There are various hybrids and crossbreeds that may potentially be able to survive in Montana's short growth seasons and soil, but because of the limited funds they were only able to select 12 hybrids. Some of these grapes are already working in places like Minnesota that have somewhat similar climates and if they work in Montana too, it could be worth millions to the Montana economy in added tourism. If your interested in helping with the research, the grape seeds only cost a few dollars and the study could use all of the data they can get. Listen to the audio link below to here about the different varieties and the types of soil that should be suitable.

If you're interested in trying to grow grapes in Montana, contact the Flathead extension office for a full list of the hybrids that might work. Their number is 758-5553.