Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, was quick to applaud the Supreme court's Burwell v Hobby Lobby decision, but Montana Governor Steve Bullock has a very different opinion. 

“I'm disappointed. Access to preventative health care shouldn't be based on who is signing the paycheck," said Bullock the day after the decision. "In Montana, we know that prioritizing women means prioritizing working families - this ruling does neither.”

Senator Jon Tester also bemoaned the decision, and echoed the "corporations are not people" argument often used during the last campaign against Citizen's United.

"The Supreme Court got it wrong," said Tester on his Senate website. "Corporations are not people and they should not be interfering in a woman's access to basic health care. This decision allows corporate executives to extend their reach from the boardroom to the bedroom and that's unacceptable."

Senator John Walsh was not immediately available for comment and had not released anything on his Senate website.