Gas prices were up again in Montana this past week, even though the national price fell.

"Over the past week we've seen continued slow price increases across the state of Montana, average prices having risen to about $3.38, that's about a three cent jump in one week," said petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. This comes as the national average has actually begun moving lower, and that may provide some glimpse as to what's in store for the state of Montana."

The price at Montana pumps right now, may be the highest we see all year.

"Generally, the peak price of the year actually occurs in the springtime period," DeHaan said. "That's why we believe now we've seen the peak for the national average, though we may not see the peak in Montana for several weeks. Prices peak ahead of summer usually as refineries carry out maintenance and we shift to cleaner burning blends of summer gasoline."

Montana prices typically lag behind national price trends by about two weeks.