Speculation about an upcoming decision by OPEC caused gas prices across the nation to fall last week, everywhere except Montana and the Rocky Mountain region.

“Prices have taken quite a tumble in the last few weeks all thanks to skepticism that OPEC will not carry out on its threats to cut oil production,” Senior Petroleum Analysis Patrick DeHaan said. “Still, you’re fairing better than some of your Rocky Mountain states in the passed few weeks. As of midnight, it was basically a wash but prices have inched down.”

With OPEC looking to have a decision on production cuts by the end of November, DeHaan anticipates more drops in prices, especially with the end of maintenance projects in the west.

“A lot of refinery maintenance taking place and that usually limits at this time of the year how low gas prices will go,” DeHaan said “But the good news is for rocky mountain areas, a lot of those refineries as should be wrapping up that seasonal maintenance up very soon in the next couple of weeks.”

Gas prices in Montana right now are about four cents higher than they were at the same time last year.