Montana gas prices are on a slow decline, but Petroleum Analyst Will Speer with said the past week was a little dormant.

"We're only down about one cent week on week," Speer said. "So about the average price you'll expect to pay is $2.33. That's still a little more expensive than the national average."

Speer said nationally, gas prices increased 2.7 cents per gallon in the last week to $2.22.

"The big story right now is that Midwestern refineries were supposed to be wrapping up all their issues from their fall refining maintenance schedule. But these maintenance issues have lasted longer than expected," Speer said. "With that, the price of gasoline has taken a hit."

Speer said as motorists to go fill up around Thanksgiving time, they should continue to see better savings compared to last year where prices are down close to 72 cents.