Up one day and down the next, the price of a barrel of oil has been in constant flux this past week as it follows the alternating good and bad economic news. In Montana, the average price of gas in dropped about a penny to hover around $3.47 per gallon, while the national price jumped up nearly four cents. Despite the flux, both the national average and Montana's price are lower than prices were last month or even last year.

Petroleum annalyst with GasBuddy.com Patrick DeHaan says that "while I don't necessarily believe that the recent uptick in crude prices will stick, I also don't see prices falling considerably lower until after the conclusion of the summer driving season, when demand declines, and more expensive blends are phased out."

Speaking of Montana's prices in particular, DeHaan says we will likely experience a "plateau" for a few weeks. In the long term, DeHaan says we can expect to see prices stick in the mid $3.00 range until the end of the Summer.