The average price of gas in Montana jumped up a cent and a half over the third full week of January, putting the pump price over three dollars a gallon for the first time in a month.

"It's a bit of a quiet time if you will for oil and gasoline prices; the calm before the storm, so to speak," said Petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Refineries are just starting to reach their peak maintenance season before summer. I do expect that at some point in late February or March, we will see a sharp uptick, but for now, prices are relatively stable."

Behind all of the trends, there's some really good news for Montana motorists.

"Montana is still top dog when it comes to cheap gasoline, with the lowest state average in the country," DeHaan said. "Oklahoma and Arkansas also following closely behind. Billings the cheapest city in the nation followed closely by Tulsa, Amarillo, and by Lubbock, Texas."

The low prices mean that Montanans are paying nearly 26 cents less per gallon than the national average.