Today (March 6) on Talk Back we will be speaking with Montana Fair Share representative Colin McKellips. Montana Fair Share is a relatively new economic fairness advocacy group in Montana for a better of the group and what they stand for here is their response to the recent sequester cuts:

“At a time when our economy is recovering too slowly and millions are still out of work, it is unconscionable that Congress would yet again ask middle class families and small businesses to bear the cost of balancing the budget, rather than asking corporations to pay their fair share."

“The sequester will mean already overcrowded schools across the country losing more teachers and thousands of small businesses losing the opportunity for small business loans. Congress had a choice, and they chose to stand with wealthy corporations rather than the hardworking Americans in their own communities. With one callous decision they are sending 750,000 workers to the unemployment lines, while companies like GE and Facebook cash-in their tax rebates on billions of untaxed dollars in profits."

“It is not too late for Congress to do the right thing. Every day until they cancel the sequester and reverse these cuts, Fair Share will make sure that citizens have the chance to voice their disappointment directly to their members of Congress. We will make sure Congress hears from the teachers whose jobs are threatened, the law enforcement officers and food safety inspectors who keep us safe, and the small businesses that will struggle to get the loans they need to expand."

“It is past time for Congress to cancel the sequester by closing corporate tax loopholes and outdated subsidies, and put America back to work. With only $83 billion needed to avoid the sequester and America losing $90 billion every year to corporate offshore tax havens alone – the choice is clear.”

In my personal conversation with McKellips on what sort of solutions he and Montana Fair Share would push for, McKellips referred me to the following study by PIRG concerning tax loopholes.