The Montana Democratic Party is asking for Steve Daines' birth certificate. The scenario may sound similar to the so-called “birther” movement that opposed President Barack Obama, but Montana Democrats communication director Bryan Watt says the move against Daines is different.

"This is in no way a 'birther' charge," Watt said. "To be honest, Congressman Daines has been distorting his facts and distorting his voting record there in Washington and it's our attempt  to hold him accountable. He, at one point, said he was a 'fifth-generation Montanan' and then he said he was a 'third-generation Montanan' and I think this just goes to point out the bigger picture that congressman Daines speaks out of both sides of his mouth."

A spokeswoman for Daines said that he is in fact a fifth-generation Montanan and that the 'third generation Montanan statement is just a misprint by a media outlet. But that wasn’t the only charge made by state democrats.

"It appears that the congressman was born in Southern California and that's part of what we want him to clear up," Watt said

The same spokeswoman said that Daines did live for about a year in California as an infant, while his father worked an intermediary job. The Daines campaign also released the following statement:

“Democrats have always worked to dictate Montanans' health care decisions, how they run their businesses, and what choices they make for their families, but it's really par for the course that they're now trying to dictate someone's personal history. They may be able to dictate the way Montanans live their lives, but unless Montana Democrats want to move Steve's great-great-grandmother's grave, they can't change Steve's strong heritage as a fifth-generation Montanan."

Brian Watt: