During his Tuesday night, February 11 conference call with Montana voters, Republican Congressman Steve Daines challenged President Barack Obama on a number of issues.

"You may have heard that the President announced yet another delay to Obamacare," Daines said. "He's saying now that medium and large companies will now get an extra one to two years to comply. This is just more proof that Obamacare is not ready for prime time. Whether it's the failed website, or security breaches, we hear that something new is wrong almost every day. The President is unilaterally making changes to the law without Congressional approval. I met with some folks in Helena recently who are frustrated by the growing cost, higher premiums and lower access to healthcare."

Daines referenced President Obama's State of the Union speech to further highlight how he feels the executive branch is overreaching its authority.

"This notion that he has a pen and a phone, I found to be very disconcerting," Daines said. "And, how in the world does the President expect to bring the Congress alongside him? After all, the President's role is to lead, and with comments like that, he's not exactly opening the door to cooperation with Congress. I think this city, Washington D.C. has never been more polarized, and ultimately the buck stops at his desk. I think you're going to continue to see Congress challenge him in this imperial presidency."

Montana Congressman Steve Daines