Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke was one of few high-profile politicians who were asked to speak at the Republican National Convention this week. While speaking, the Bozeman native gave several shout-outs to his home state.

“What a night and Montana you’re in the house,” Zinke said. “You know I am honored to be sharing the stage with Senator Ernst and Jason Beardsley, and all of these distinguished veterans. I also proudly represent the great state of Montana and the first seal in the House of Representatives.”

The theme of Monday night was, ‘Make America Safe Again’ and Zinke accused President Obama and Hillary Clinton of putting the country in danger.

“President Obama and Hillary Clinton drew a red line in Syria and then refused to uphold it,” Zinke said. “Together President Obama and Hillary Clinton brought us ISIS and brought down Benghazi. I shudder to think how many more times our flag will fly at half mast if Hillary Clinton is sitting in the oval office.”

Montana Senator Steve Daines was also at the convention yesterday but was not asked to speak.