The Montana State Auditor’s office will be holding a special seminar in Missoula tomorrow to focus on women and money this Wednesday, January 20.

"It is something that I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now," said Montana State Auditor Monica Lindeen, "to talk about money matters that are specific to women. We have a whole day planned with lots of great speakers and I'm really looking forward to folks showing up. It's going to be over at the University of Montana Business Administration Building."

The event is called "The Penny Conference" and Lindeen says there are particular economic issues that women have to face.
"Certainly, we deal with all sorts of financial matters every single day: running households and businesses, but when it comes to investments, I think that women need to learn more about how to invest, studies have shown that women are actually better investors than men."

As of Monday morning, January 18, 240 women were registered to attend the free event and there were only ten seats left.