According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, Ronan Principal Tom Stack denied a speaking opportunity to director Gerald Molen because Molen was a "right-wing conservative." Molen is most famous for winning a best picture Oscar for his work on Schindler's list, but is also know for producing or co-producing films such as Minority Report, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, Hook, Twister, and many more audience favorites. Molen was invited to speak to the high school's graduating class, but was disinvited only after making the 90 minute commute from his home in Big Fork. It does not appear that Stack had previewed the speech Molen was prepared to give.

Northern Broadcasting's The Flint Report has breaking news that the school superintendent Andy Holmlund is apologetic about the situation saying, “It’s regrettable, we don’t treat people this way. I don’t think it was appropriate. I have conveyed my condolences through the individual who invited Mr. Molen." Holmlund also confirmed that Stack was "moving on," most likely to a school district in Clinton, Montana.

KGVO News followed up on the story and spoke with Superintendent Holmlund to get confirmation of the story. Here's what the superintendent had to say.