In 2008, as part of it's “Hit the Tap” Program, Mountain Water Company offered narrow-necked steel bottles as part of a campaign to get locals to enjoy more tap water. Now, Mountain Water wants those bottles back.

Mountain Water Company president John Kappas says his company is responding to a national story (see above video) on small necked, metal bottles with machined threading on the inside of the bottles neck. Some children have managed to get their tongues into the tops of these bottles and, once in, a combination of vacuum pressure and lacerations from the threading have caused their tongues to swell. Once swollen the only recourse is an emergency room visit.

John Kappas:

In order to create awareness and prevent injury, the Mountain Cater Company has decided to help remove these bottles from the public.

Those who wish to can simply bring their narrow-necked water bottles to Mountain Water’s office, located at 1345 W. Broadway in Missoula, during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) before March 1, 2013. Whether bottles were purchased from Mountain Water Company or not, the company will eplace any narrow-necked metal bottle with a wide-necked 24-ounce “Hit the Tap” bottle at no cost.

Although reports of injury have occurred nationwide because of these types of bottles, there have been no reports of any local children injured by a “Hit the tap” bottle.