The 2016 Missoula Marathon that featured around 6,400 runners went off without a hitch on Sunday morning.

With clouds in the sky, the rain held and the breeze was smooth as the first runners crossed the finished line in both the half and full marathon.

This year, Geofrey Terer of Colorado won the overall race with a time of 2:27.34. He told NBC Montana after the race that he had just arrived in Montana on Saturday and had little time to prep before the race. Terer's total time puts him 6th overall on the all-time list for the men's marathon.

Montana native, Trisha Drobeck won the women's full marathon with a time of 2:48.24. That is just two minutes shy of her personal and current course record.

Venezuelan runner Luis Orta who will compete in the Olympic games in Rio finished the half marathon in second place.