What do Atlanta, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Zurich have in common with Missoula? All are global cities focusing on Big Data the week of May 5 through 11. 

Missoula is the smallest city, and, to date, the only city in Montana taking part, one of more than 30 host participating cities across the globe.

Missoula City Council woman Caitlin Copple said city-county broadband efforts are aimed at growing the tech sector.

"We are the smallest city in the world that's participating," Copple said. "You can see there's more than 30 cities across the globe, and I think it's really cool in terms of putting Missoula on the map as a tech hub—which I think it's no secret that that's kind of my goal with the economic development subcommittee, and the broadband project that I've been working on. I'm just really excited to spotlight Montana's emerging tech sector and show the world that this is a place where you can start your tech business and create good things for Montanans."

Copple said Missoula is becoming a leading city for Big Data. Drawing on momentum from new curriculum and the upcoming Cyber Triathlon at the University of Montana, the success of local tech startups, and the efforts of the public-private Big Data Alliance, Missoula is hosting a series of events during the first-ever Big Data Week.

“Big data needs big broadband, and it’s our job as policymakers to make sure businesses and entrepreneurs have access to the essential infrastructure they need to thrive in Missoula,” Copple said.

For most up to date schedule of events, visit the Big Data Week website.