The crime report from Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst lists 16 new complaints last week (ending Oct. 15), including some brutal felonies.

"There have been several disturbing, violent cases," Pabst said. "Three felony domestics that were extremely serious: one is what we would classify as a meth-induced rampage, another one in which a victim allegedly had her ribs broken and was strangle, a third one in which the victim suffered a broken neck. These are, obviously, extremely concerning to us."

Pabst says that the courtroom will be busy through November, as many felonies hit the calendar.

"We've got a really, busy busy court docket set for November," Pabst said. "Currently, as of this morning, we've got 58 felony cases set for trial for the month of November. 58 felonies is a lot, and when you look at, like one particular court date... November 8, there are at least 8 cases set for trial on just one day."

Beyond the violent felonies, Pabst says meth use continues to be a driving force behind crime in Missoula. Earlier this month, a 23-month old child was found wandering Russel Street the child and his parents tested positive for meth.