On Monday evening, May 12, Missoula area representative Ellie Hill talked about Montana’s self-defense laws on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC Show, Politics Nation. Hill blamed a variety of outside groups for creating a dangerous gun culture in her state.

"I'm a mom, a former prosecuting attorney myself, and a third term legislature, and I'm outraged," Hill said. "I'm outraged that the National Rifle Association has come into the state of Montana where we had 100 years of perfectly fine self defense laws, and at the behest of the American Legislative Exchange Council, A.L.E.C., the Koch brothers, changed the law in Montana, and changed the law in 24 states to represent not just shoot first, ask questions later, but vigilante justice and a license to kill."

Hill said the NRA had fostered a culture of violence that led to murder:

"The NRA taking our gun laws, taking our self defense laws, and running a muck in a dangerous way that has made our communities less safe, and has now resulted in a culture of violence where people are being murdered in the name of their castle."

Hill’s comments about violent culture and murder were framed around a discussion of the recent Diren Dede shooting by homeowner Markus Karma.