Missoula police are investigating two rapes reported earlier this week, one at a local motel, the other inside an adult shop. 

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the first report came from a teenager who alleged that he was assaulted by an older man.

"An 18 year-old male said he had been spending time drinking with a 42 year-old male acquaintance and they agreed to go back to the older man's motel room," Welsh said. "At some point the younger male passed out, and when he came to, he found himself laying face down on the bed naked, with the older man attempting to rape him. He was able to fight the man off and hide in the bathroom. Eventually, the victim made his way downtown where he reported the sexual assault to police."

Welsh said the second incident involved a woman who accompanied a male to an adult bookstore.

"A 20 year-old female accompanied a 21 year-old male to an adult shop on East Main where he raped her inside one of the private booths inside the business," Welsh said. "Detectives from the Missoula Police Department are following up both of those cases."

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh