An arraignment hearing occurred on July 25 for Delhi Moua who is charged with sexual assault, burglary, and probation violation.

Missoula County Sheriff's Department  Captain Rich Marcelli recounts the events that led to Moua's arrest:

A woman called 911 on the evening of Tuesday July 24 reporting that a man had entered her home and sexually assaulted her. According to reports, the woman was in the back of her home when she heard a noise and left to find out what had happened. She found a man standing in her entryway who had forced his way into the home. The man professed his affection and attraction to the woman, but according to captain Marcelli, she said she "wasn't interested in that." As the woman escorted the man to the door, she was touched inappropriately.

Marcelli says that the victim knew the identity of her assailant and that Moua was convinced by his family to turn himself in to authorities within hours of the victim's 911 call.