A Missoula woman's hike in the warm weather ended with a violent moose encounter this week.

"On Sunday, we had a woman who was out walking her dogs on Blue Mountain as many people do and she had an encounter with a young bull moose," said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. "The moose just crossed the trail right in front of her, and the dogs must have just startled it a bit. It ran after her dogs and they sustained minor injuries."

Last year, another woman was taken to the hospital after being trampled by a moose near the same area.

"This particular area is not far from the main trail-head there where the horse trail-head also is, just off of Blue Mountain road," Crowser said. "She really wasn't too far down the trail. Last year's encounter was in a little bit of a different spot, a little bit further into the trail system. It was a cow moose and this was a young bull, so, a little bit of a different situation."

Both of the dogs in this week's moose encounter have recovered from their injuries, the hiker escaped injury altogether.