Over 800 Missoula high school juniors will be able to take the ACT test free of charge on Tuesday, April 23.

Public Affairs Director for Missoula School District One Leslie Brasfield said on Friday, that nearly all juniors in Missoula high schools will be taking the ACT plus writing test this Tuesday, but the difference this year, is that they will all be taking the test...free of charge.

""Thanks to a grant from the Montana Office of Public Instruction, all juniors across the state will be taking the test free of charge. The test usually costs over $50, and so its wonderful that OPI is abel to provide this service to the juniors," Brasfield said.

In addition, the students will have the option of reporting their scores for up to four colleges free of charges, as well," Brasfield added.

"With over 800 juniors in Missoula high schools, only one of our schools is large enough to house the students for the test, while the others will bus the students to nearby hotel conference facilities," Brasfield said.

Should a student be ill or absent on Tuesday, there will be an opportunity for them to take the test in several weeks.

"Those students will also be able to take the test for free," Brasfield said.

MCPS Public Affairs Director Leslie Brasfield