At around 9:00 a.m this morning, June 12, crews from the Missoula Rural Fire Department were dispatched to a potential haz-mat spill near West Broadway.

"Our crews found a large amount of liquid at Spectrum Products off of Butler Creek road," said Missoula Rural Fire District Deputy Chief Chris Newman. "At that point, crews recognized that it was a haz-mat situation and activated our area haz-mat team which involves the Missoula Rural Fire District and also Missoula City Fire. The Frenchtown Rural Fire District also came to assist along with the Health Department

Valves to a rinse tank were left open overnight spilling water and chemicals out on to the ground.

"They're estimating potential 5,000 gallons of water and residual product," said Newman. "Phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and citric acid were the three products involved and at high concentrations they can be very corrosive."

Because the chemicals were mixed with water, additional testing had to be performed to ensure proper clean-up.

The spill was isolated to a concrete pad, so Missoula's water table was not affected directly. Missoula County Sheriff's Department Spokeswoman Paige Pavalone said the spill caused no environmental damage and did not require an evacuation.

Deputy Chief Chris Newman