Although buckets and buckets of rain poured down on Missoula County over the weekend, local fire officials have decided to move the counties fire danger level to high. Public Information Officer with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association Cindy Super says that one of the main causes for the rising danger level is a growing number of often unreported small fires.

Cindy Super on the upgraded  fire danger level:

Although many of the burns went unnoticed by tthe media, Super says that members of the Missoula County Fire protection Association dealt with "somwhere between two to three fires a day on average over the last week"

Super says that a majority of those smaller fires were caused by lightning and burned less than two acres of territory. Days of 90 degree weather have dried out grasses and other fine fuels. Despite the heat, the high fire danger level is typical in Missoula county this time of year.