Missoula Electric Cooperative is recognizing the Missoula County Commission for their participation in the Cooperative's community solar program. General Manager Mark Hayden explains.

“Missoula Electric Cooperative invested or installed a community solar project south of Lolo last fall,” said Hayden. “The response we received from our members was strong, including the County, strong enough that we in fact built a Phase Two. That is up and running as of this week.”

Hayden says during Phase One, they offered to offset 5% of the usage for the County, but they didn’t have the 59 panels they needed.

“For Phase Two they honored that 5%, they took ten out of our first array and 49 out of Phase Two,” Hayden said. “That is why we are honoring them tomorrow. Without support from our County and other leadership organizations Phase Two would not have been a reality and because of them it is.”

Hayden will be presenting the Missoula County Commission with a commemorative plaque tomorrow morning during the Commissioners' administrative meeting. Missoula Electric Cooperative partnered with the Frenchtown School District and agreed to construct a Phase Two on the rooftop of Frenchtown Elementary School.