After several years of planning and researching, Missoula County launched its new website on Friday afternoon.

Communications Director Anne Hughes said it was a huge collaborative effort.

"Our old website was put together about 10 years ago, and it needed to be updated and refreshed," Hughes said. "We've had a large staff of county employees working on this new website. We really worked hard to make the new site more user friendly for the public to find what they're looking for."

According to Hughes,users now have calendars, eNotifications, FAQs, services, events and meetings, agendas and an ‘I Want To’ menu awaiting them on the interactive homepage. The site has been developed with the public’s perspective at the heart of navigation. Our enterprise-wide work is immensely diverse and far-reaching, and as such, our operations can be unintuitive at first glance. The site is meant to help direct users to the information they are searching for, whether or not they know which department, division or program this information is housed within.

Hughes said she and her staff will welcome feedback and suggestions from the public on the new website.