House Bill 5, the bill containing funding for the Missoula College passed it's third reading in the Senate by a vote of 30-20 on Tuesday,April 16, and will now head to the floor of the House for it's second reading on Thursday, April 18, at the earliest.

"The decision for the House," said Kevin McRae, Associate Commissioner of Higher Education, " is this an acceptable bill? Does it balance the resources with the construction needs of the state? And also, for projects that did not make it back into HB 5, is there some possibility for a limited bonding program to complete them?"

"Legislators and university officials are literally taking the process one step at a time because we do appreciate the difficult job the Legislature has to do. Right now, they're really in that crunch time where they're trying to make things pencil out. We're trying to stay optimistic and focused." McRae concluded.

Over $20 million dollars has been proposed for the new Missoula College that University officials want to build on the South Campus, where the University Golf Course now stands. There is focused community opposition to that plan, with the desire to move the college to Fort Missoula.

Associate Commissioner of Higher Education Kevin McRae