Missoula is working to recycle more Christmas trees this year than ever before and, at least until January 12, there are lots of places for residents to bring their trees.

"Well, folks in Missoula can take their trees to four different locations," said City Forester Chris Boza. "They can drop them off at the lot in McCormick Park, they can go out to Play Fair, or they can go out to Fort Missoula using the South Avenue entrance. And the fourth location is to go Eko Compost."

Boza is hoping this will be the last week for tree pick-ups

"We're asking that everyone drops their trees off by the 12th, that way we can get them all taken to Eko Compost," said Boza. "Whenever folks drop their trees off after that, then we have to send out crews on a separate trip to take care of those trees, and that takes them away from their other duties."

After last Christmas, the city of Missoula recycled over 15, 000 trees which were turned into mulch to help grow more trees.