Missoula County deputies are investigating a series of crimes that took place on Thornton Drive in Missoula near the Wye. It is suspected that the crimes are related to yet more crimes in Billings and that the suspect is stealing cars in an effort to escape the law.

"There was a business that was broken into and a laptop was stolen, a MacBook Pro," said Missoula County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone. "A vehicle was also broken-into with the window smashed out. It appears as though the person, there's just one suspect, was possibly looking for a vehicle to steal. Detectives located a key fob belonging to another vehicle which was stolen from Yellowstone County, in Billings. It seems to be that the suspect is working their way westbound, abandoning the original stolen vehicle and looking for another vehicle to steal."

In Billings, investigators found yet another key fob to a suspected stolen vehicle leading investigators to the conclusion that someone is hopping from crime to crime as they make their escape.

If people see either of the two stolen vehicles they should call 911. The vehicle out of Billings is a Dodge Ram. It's a 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 crew cab, silver in color, with Montana License plate # 3-03501B. The other vehicle, stolen from Thorton Drive near 93 North at the Wye is a 1996 GMC Suburban with a MT license plate #4C-5236D. It is blue and beige in color.

Photo courtesy of Missoula County Sheriff's Department