Various members of western Montana law enforcement agencies will take part in this Saturday's 'Tip A Cop' program at Red Robin to raise funds for Montana Special Olympics.

Sergeant Mark Horner with the Missoula Police Department said the event will go from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the restaurant's Southgate Mall location, and will include personnel from the Missoula County Sheriff's Office and the Montana Highway Patrol, assisted by Special Olympics athletes.

"Officers will go in a basically help the wait staff in things like cleaning tables, refilling water glasses and what not," Horner said. "We don't touch the food," Horner joked, "Our main priority is to speak with the public about what Special Olympics is. Then we ask them to leave a small tip that will go towards the Special Olympics program. It's nice for the public to see us, not when we're just handcuffing someone.but we can also clean a pretty good table."

Horner said the public also gets a benefit from the Tip A Cop program.

"It's the one time that somebody gets to tell a cop what to do," Horner laughed.