Gas prices nationwide remained flat over Memorial Day weekend, while Montana saw a jump at the pump.

"What we've seen is a continued slow increase in price amounting to about 3 cents a gallon in the last week that prices in Montana have gone up, although in Missoula prices have remained relatively unchanged," said petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Some of the lowest prices, around $3.28 are in Missoula today. If you shop around, you certainly can find gas well under that statewide average of $3.42."

DeHaan says speculation is keeping prices flat at a time of year when prices usually see a bit of a dive. Still, this year's prices were much lower than in 2013.

"Average prices across Montana this Memorial Day were about $3.40 per gallon, that compares to what we saw last year when prices at the pump were at $3.62," said DeHaan. Prices in Montana are far lower than they were last year for Memorial Day weekend, and they continue to be much lower this year tan last year."

In the past month, Montana's gas prices jumped up about 7 cents while the national average dropped about two cents. Montana typically follows the national trend by about two weeks, so there is hope for motorists in the near future.