Montana’s Senior U.S. Senator Max Baucus blasted a house plan to cut more than $2 trillion in health care benefits, forcing seniors to pay thousands of dollars more for care. According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposal would “essentially end Medicare” as it exists today. Instead, the plan proposed by u.s. house Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, Republican Representative from Wisconsin, would give Medicare dollars to private insurance companies to pay for CEO salaries, profits and advertising, while covering only a portion of seniors’ benefits. Senator Max Baucus is outraged by the proposed cuts.

The promise of Medicare guarantees the 167,000 Montana seniors on Medicare will always receive coverage for doctors, hospitals, treatments, surgeries and medicines they need. And Medicare gives seniors the security of low, fixed costs like deductibles and co-pays, for their coverage. The house plan would dismantle Medicare by converting it into a “voucher-like” program that gives money for seniors’ health care directly to private insurance companies. Senator Baucus is not comfortable with the transfer of money under the house plan.