Montana Conservation Corps announced today that it is seeking adventurous teens aged 15-17 years old for their ‘Youth Service Expedition’ program, a four-week, summer service experience that combines outdoor adventure, education, job skills training and fun! Participants will
receive a Service Award of $200 dollars upon successful completion of program. I spoke with MCC Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Rusnak on Thursday afternoon. That interview is attached.
‘Youth Service Expedition’ crews will be based out of Kalispell, Missoula, Helena, Bozeman and Billings but youths from across the state, including rural areas, are encouraged to apply to participate in either of two sessions: June 11 – July 6 and July 16 – August 10.  Parents need only drop-off teens for the orientation and safety briefing at the start of each session, and then pick
them up four weeks later for the final graduation picnic.  Participants may have the opportunity to
check in by phone, but otherwise will be on “Expedition” for the full duration of the program. Click on the interview below..