Days after a crucial April 17 vote on gun control, a group known as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) declared it would be running ads against Max Baucus and three other Democrat senators because of their votes against gun control.

In response, Baucus' staffers released the following statement:

Max won’t be influenced by outside money from President Obama’s super PAC or millionaires in New York. The only opinions that influence Max are the opinions of Montanans, and Montanans told Max loud and clear they don’t support new gun controls.

When asked if the money for the anti-Baucus ads was from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Adam Green, the co-founder of PCCC said "I wish we had Bloomberg's money."

Green didn't directly respond to the charge that the money was from Presiden't Obama's super PAC, but did send the following statement.

"Max Baucus is known in Washington as the 'Senator from K Street' because he consistently puts the big corporations that fund his campaigns and hire fancy lobbyists ahead of his own constituents," said Green. "79% of Montana families, including gun owners, support background checks to keep criminals from getting guns through online postings and gun shows. Max Baucus voted with the out-of-state gun manufacturers and against the will of Montanans -- and we challenge him to sit down with the 80 Montana gun owners featured in our ad."

The following picture is an example of the type of ad PCCC has run against the democrats who voted no on the April 17 measures -