Signature gatherers for Marsy's Law say they are very close to having enough signatures to get the issue on the November ballot for an official vote. Chuck Denowh has been campaigning for Marsy’s Law in Montana for months.

"We're one of a handful of states that doesn't currently provide constitutional rights to victims of crime, so it's a real important issue," Denowh said. "We've been collecting signatures for that past two and-a-half, three months and we're getting close to completing that process. I want to thank the thousands of Montanans that have signed the petition."

The signatures haven’t been turned in to any county election offices, but they will be soon.

"We need a minimum of 48,000 signatures to qualify, so we'll go over that amount just to be sure that we meet it. We'll be turning it in within the next few weeks," Denowh said. "We've got at least a few signatures from all of the counties, but the big ones are where we got the bulk of our signatures. We got more in Missoula than anywhere else."

The signatures will need to be verified and then passed on to the Secretary of State’s office before the issue hits the ballot. Marcy’s Law may also be on the ballot in both North and South Dakota this November.