A man is in custody in Missoula County Jail accused of threatening the life of a police officer. According to Missoula Police Detective Sergent Scott Pastian, the whole interaction began when the officer approached 58-year-old Kevin Sullivant because Sullivant and some others were laying in a roadway near the 400 block of South Higgins.

"This individual began tensing up, as if he wanted to fight the officer," Pastian said. "The officer ended up arresting the individual for providing a false name, but once the individual was in the car he was able to kick the officer in the chest as the officer was trying to get him under control. The individual also spit all over the inside of the car and threatened to kill the officer when he got out of jail."

The threat to kill resulted in a felony charge, among a host of others:

  • Threats In Official And Political Matters
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Obstructing A Peace Officer Or Other Public Servant $51,605.00 Cash/Surety
  • Assault - Misdemeanor
  • Criminal Mischief - Misdemeanor

Pastian says the felony charge of "Threats In Official And Political Matters" is very rare in Missoula county and only happens a handful of times each year.