32 year-old Thomas James Bryant was charged in Missoula Justice Court Monday afternoon with felony incitement to riot. Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jason Johnson says on Friday the 13th, Bryant was apparently unhappy with his situation at the Missoula County Jail, so he allegedly wedged the door to the recreation area open and proceeded to run around to the other pods, banging on the glass and yelling for the inmates not to lock down as ordered.

Johnson says up to 5 inmates joined Bryant in refusing to lock down, so a detention facility response squad trained to handle jail disturbances was called out. Bryant returned to his cell, as did the other inmates. Johnson says no one was injured in the incident. Bryant was in jail charged with assault on a peace officer, disorderly conduct and failure to appear. He has now been charged with another felony, incitement to riot, and was placed back in jail on an extra $25,000 bond.

Sheriff's Department spokesman Jason Johnson