By only 48 votes, Lolo residents turned down a $10 million dollar bond issue in October, 2013 to build a new school, but officials are planning another proposal for March of 2014.

Lolo School District School Superintendent Mike Magone said on Monday, December 30, that some adjustments will be made to the school bond proposal.

"If you look at the site plan, you'll see that the school building has actually been moved further to the east and the north on the property so there will be some cost savings with stretches of pipeline and hook-ups for utilities, which means less asphalt would be used. The building layout has also been simplified to save some money, as well."

Magone hopes for a different outcome when the next bond issue request goes out to voters on February 20.

"We'll have at least one or two get-togethers for the public in January, as well as a community spaghetti feed on February 6, where people can tour the facility and get their questions answered about the new bond issue," Magone said. "We also have a lot of information available on our website."

The mail-in ballots will go out on February 20, and the final election day will be March 12.

Some buildings at the present Lolo School are nearly 100 years old, and the facility has been overcrowded for many years. Officials want to build a new K-4 elementary school on nearby property that the school district owns.

Lolo School District School Superintendent Mike Magone