Authorities are looking for suspects who stole a van, along with various tools, from a construction site on Missoula Bible Church's campus near the Missoula International Airport on Highway 10 West. The robbery happened on Wednesday, June 26th. Missoula County Sheriff's Department's spokeswoman Paige Pavalone Describes what happened.

"Three suspects entered that area. When they got in, they stole numerous tools from inside of a construction site, including power tools, battery packs, bolt cutters. They subsequently used the bolt cutters that they stole to break the chains, and fly the door open. They loaded all of their stolen goods into this van, and the van was found the next day behind Futura Trailer Court."

Detectives assume three individuals were involved in the theft because of footprints found at the crime scene. The van was found on Thursday, approximately one mile from where it was stolen, however the tools are still missing.

"We don't know where there suspects are at," said Pavalone. "Where the van was found we are imagining that it was possibly someone who lived in the area, because all of the items were removed from the van, unless they loaded them into another vehicle and drove off. We don't have any suspects at this time."

Anyone with any information about this case is advised to call Crime Stoppers at 721-4444.